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Newline Customer Relationship Management Android & Apple Application


This is a contact application that enables you to have your company database on your mobile phone, to search for a customer and call them, text them or record that you have visited them. If you are recording a visit then you can enter notes about that visit.

There is an option to view all contacts for the previous 30 days on the phone on a day by day basis and all of the information is automatically updated back to the Newline NAS CRM system.


Phone App Screen

When the phone app is installed you should see this icon on your phone. 



If you select the Newline CRM icon you then get the following screen.

Search Contacts Option.

To search for a customer press the Search button and you will get an option to search for a customer. To search for a customer you can enter their account number or their name or part of their address.

The search will search for the name and address in both the name and address fields as the user might not know how the information has been originally entered.


Once the search information has been entered you will get a list of matching results which look like this.


You can then select the customer you are wanting to contact.



Once you have selected the customer  you will then get this screen.

This will display all the phone numbers you have for the customer selected and give you the option to phone them, text them or record a visit.

To call them you just need to press the Phone button on the left of the screen.

To send them a text message you just need to press the Text button on the right of the screen.



This will display a screen for you to enter a text message and once the message has been entered there is a send button to send the text.



There is also an option at the top of the phone number list to record a site visit. This will display this screen.


This allows you to enter any details about the visit and when you made the visit. The system will default to the current date and time but this can be altered if you are recording visits from a previous day. You can enter as much information as required in the notes box as it will scroll.




View Activity Log Option. 

This will list the last 30 dates with contact information entered on that phone. It will list the details in date order and show the number of contacts next to each date.


To view the contacts on a particular date you select the date required.



After choosing the date you will get a list like this.

Green Notes Icon indicates a visit and the arrow here is always out.

Green Text Icon indicates a text message and then the up arrow means it was sent from this phone. If the arrow was down then it would be a text message received by the phone. 

Green Phone Icon means that this is an answered call and again the up arrow means that the call was made from that phone. A down arrow will mean that this was a call in to the phone. 

Red Phone Icon means this is a missed call and the down arrow indicates that this was an incoming call not answered by the phone. 

Up arrow means outgoing call,
(you made the call).

Down arrow means incoming call,
(the client called you).

If there are … against the activity
record then this means that there are notes for that contact. 



If you select this record you get the following screen appear.



HQ Report Options.

All of these contact records are automatically sent back to the main HQ server and updated to the NAS contact Management system. There is a new option on the stock analysis report to enable the user to view the number of times each buyer and seller has been contacted. This new option is top right on this screen.

If this new option is ticked then there is an extra column on the below report showing the number of contacts for each customer between the dates specified.

New Contacts and Stock Analysis Detail Report.

There is also a new more detailed report in the history analysis menu that will give the user the option to be able to view a summary of the number of heads and total value by date that each customer has bought or sold and it will also show in detail the contact information. The new report has this opening screen so you can select to analyse in the same way as the stock analysis report but you can set different date ranges for the contacts. See below.


Asset 1